In the initial stage of the development of frozen aquatic products in Taiwan, the raw materials were directly frozen and packaged as processing materials for export. Up to now, frozen aquatic processing industries in Taiwan has still been export-oriented. 

Taiwan Frozen Seafood Industries Association is founded on July 28th, 1976, as a juridical person under the agreement of Ministry of the Interior. The membership covers all frozen seafood processing plants in Taiwan. It currently consists of 105 frozen seafood manufacturers as members and 52 frozen seafood related companies as assistant members. 

The Association aims at maintaining harmonic relationships among peer companies, promoting common interests, improving the industry of frozen seafood processing and prompting national economic development. It provides services as the following:

  1. forwarding government policies to the members and coordinating relations between the government and the industry.
  2. providing latest international and domestic information of frozen aquatic product industry.
  3. organizing delegations to participate in international food and seafood expos and opening up new import/export markets.
  4. informing members of international and domestic business opportunities for market expansion.
  5. holding seminars and trainings to enhance the skill level of the industry.
  6. meeting relevant governmental regulations, providing guidance to the technology and management of frozen aquatic product processing.
  7. participating in international conferences, strengthening international cooperation and exchanging technical information. 
  8. assisting members to acquire all kinds of exporting certificates.

To assist exporting domestic frozen aquatic products, the Association has actively conducting exhibition programs, organizing members to participate in important fishery expos worldwide since 1991. By participating in various fishery expos worldwide and holding seafood tasting events, we have successfully risen the reputation of aquatic products from Taiwan and maintained stable growth of seafood export. In recent years, we encounter disadvantages including vigorous export from foreign competitors, unstable supply of domestic materials, the increasing price of materials and price competition of neighboring competitors. However, domestic aquatic product processing plants still possess good producing technology and stringent quality and safety management. Even under such bad circumstances, domestic processing plants are still inventing new products, rising processing levels and adding value, which energizes domestic industries, balances the supply with demand and creates a win-win situation for both breeding farms and processing plants.

In 1994, in line with the trend of international food safety management, the Association has introduced HACCP system and counseled members to comply with HACCP protocols. As more and more countries require tracing traceability and safety management of aquatic products, importers have started to request Taiwanese exporters for certificate of origin and health certificate. To meet the need of international trade, the Association has consequently started to issue health certificate, certificate of origin, shrimp exporter's declaration and fisheries origin certificate for tuna. These certificates have been widely accepted worldwide for 30 years. Issuing these certificates not only lightens the burdens of government and shortens the lengthy process of applying exporting documents but also gains an abundant of business opportunities for Taiwanese aquatic product manufacturers.